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secure your .swiss domain with us.
for all businesses in switzerland.
register any of 43 top-level-domains with us.
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Top-Level-Domains (TLD) Type Price per Year
AERO gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
AG ccTLD CHF 162.00 continue
AT ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
BE ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue
BIZ gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
BR ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue
CA ccTLD CHF 50.00 continue
CC ccTLD CHF 50.00 continue
CH ccTLD CHF 15.50 continue
CL ccTLD CHF 150.00 continue
CN ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue
CO.UK ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue
COM gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
COM.AU ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
COOP gTLD CHF 150.00 continue
DE ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
DESIGN gTLD CHF 69.00 continue
DK ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
EDU gTLD CHF 70.00 continue
ES ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
EU ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
FR ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
GURU gTLD CHF 100.00 continue
IE ccTLD CHF 100.00 continue
INFO gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
IT ccTLD CHF 70.00 continue
LAW gTLD CHF 150.00 continue
LI ccTLD CHF 15.50 continue
MANAGEMENT gTLD CHF 70.00 continue
MOBI gTLD CHF 70.00 continue
NET gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
NL ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue
ORG gTLD CHF 30.00 continue
RU ccTLD CHF 150.00 continue
SE ccTLD CHF 50.00 continue
SK ccTLD CHF 150.00 continue
SWISS gTLD CHF 160.00 continue
TV gTLD CHF 150.00 continue
US ccTLD CHF 30.00 continue